This Old House

I'm back from a short hiatus. I closed my store at the end of the year and begun purchasing a home! While still in Algona, I will be focusing my talents on my Interior Design and my furniture upholstering! For the last couple of months, my Dad and I have been working hard on remodeling my new house. This small house was built in the early 1960's and sits on 2 lots of ground on the city limits. We have a motto through the whole remodel process... "will it be perfect, NO, its old"

This 3 bedroom house is now a 2 bedroom, sort of. LoL. We took to bedrooms that were next to eachother and chopped down the wall and closet and created one big studio room! We added a huge French door to the living room from the studio and created a fun flow through the house.

Next was the Living room... eek the paneling was so bad! we had to get rid of it.

The hallway was a simple change and I made it pop!

My bedroom is small but it works.

The bathroom was so gross! Most evertything needed fixing up. New vanity, toilet seat and flooring. Painted with white tub&tile epoxy on the tiles and window. Painted the trim around the mirror and light fixture. Removed the track lighting and the above toilet cabinet. With fresh paint and fixtures, this room is one of my favorites!

Overall this has been such an amazing experience, buying a house, customizing it to my specifications and being able to work out of my home. Who could ask for more! Look forward to the kitchen, exterior and basement redos in the near future. Until then, back ro work. XOXO -Sarah

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