Melatonin and Me

Tuesday, one full week from being told I was exposed to Covid. Almost done. So, last night I decided that I haven't been sleeping the best so I. My brain doesn't seem to shut off in bed, so I took a melatonin pill. Let me be clear, I've taken melatonin a handful of times before, each time not having the best outcome. I always wake up groggy and worse than what I feel like I should. Why I decided to take one last night knowing full well they don't work for me? Good question. I had terrible sleep, up and down, restless, the night was too quiet and then it was too loud. And then it was too bright. Next thing I know its 10:30 in the morning and I am not up yet. I normally wake up around 7. Today I feel like ass and I look like shit. So here we go, half the day gone already and a living headache.

For breakfast I can't think of anything fun to do so I am eating while working on the computer. An egg again, cottage cheese and an apple. I have to say, cottage cheese makes me feel a little better. It tastes so creamy and dull, its hitting the spot. How ridiculous, who would think a dull food would make me better? HAHA

My parents just came by and dropped off something that I have been craving. Talenti brand raspberry sorbet! I can't wait to eat a little of that later as a treat and see if it is satisfying whatsoever. Here'e to a better day!

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