Today will be better.

My sleep last night was shit, but that was only because I watched "The Knick" on HBO all day long. My dreams were filled with the idea that I was in a hospital with my sickness. I kept waking up trying to change the dreams but they would't go away. So I drank some NyQuil to sleep through. That worked. This morning I am a bit groggy. I can't tell if it's from bad sleep or a NyQuil dose. But I took some migraine medicine this morning with my coffee. Coffee if always in my morning routine. No matter if I can taste it or not, It is the ritual that wakes me up. There is a faint bitterness at the end of every sip, and the warmth is comforting.

For breakfast I am trying a hard boiled egg, a small cup of cottage cheese and a couple raw sweet peppers. First thoughts from the egg were nasty. A single bite of the whites is completely tasteless, slimy but a tad cool. A bite with the yolk, changes everything. The yolk adds an experience of butteriness and creamy yet starchy feelings. It sounds weird, but to coat my tongue with the yolks was a satisfying feeling. Next the cottage cheese. I have always loved the feeling of cottage cheese. The curds mixed with a cream are so fun. What I am getting from the the first spoonfuls is a cool buttery taste. Very rich and smooth, but fun still chewing the tiny curds. This is such a funny experience. Now to the peppers. Wow. First bite was crisp and juicy, crunchy yet a whisper of sweetness. I think these peppers are my favorite so far! I should note, these are foods I normally eat. This is all so strange to pick them apart in this way but Im finding it cathartic. 290#

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