Bohemian Mock Wedding Photoshoot

OMG! This mock photoshoot was incredible to be apart of. Hilary over at Harvest Moon Photography from Whittemore, Iowa came up with this hair-brained scheme to invite some local wedding vendors to assist in a gorgeous no limits wedding photoshoot. I was lucky enough to be involved in many ways because, see, I have too many design jobs! LOL. I work for Bloom floral in Algona and was able to create most of the flowers you see, along with Kelsey Thompson, owner of Bloom. Next I designed all three invite ideas to the wedding, and lastly, I set and staged the photoshoot for Hilary, using her initial vision, I executed what seems to be the most beautifully shot wedding I've ever seen!! I'm so in love with these photos, it almost makes me teary eyed. Haha.

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