Feelin' Good

Monday the 22nd of March, today seems to be a good day. I woke up headache free. There is a light fog still and lack of senses, but not too bad. Yesterday I felt so stir crazy. I reached out to some friends for ideas to stay mentally active. I decided to go on a casual walk outside around the city blocks. It was a blustery day and I was worried about my light congestion getting worse. I needed out of this place though. Put on my headphones and went out of the house. I got 8 blocks away and had the sudden urge to shit. I scuttled back home as quick as possible. Almost too late. As I walk up to the house, I notice that my storm door is jacked up. Sprung to the side of the house. I got to grab it back and the handles fall off. FUCK THIS. I'll fix that another day. My shitty day ends finally with making myself dinner. Dinner consisted of a pre packaged salad mix.

Bourbon Maple Bacon Slaw. It was fresh and crisp tasting. Not much underlying flavor that I could tell. I ate a little over a cup is all. My appetite was awful. Also that night, a friend stopped by with a care package of goodies, games, snacks, toiletries and pull tabs! She brought also some fresh banana bread. I love banana bread so this morning I'll see how it goes.

For breakfast today I am having an apple, 2 slices of banana bread and a hard boiled egg again for protein. My first bite of the bread was nice. soft, sticky, moist with a faint sweetness and saltiness. Its nice, not being able to taste the bananas is a bummer though. This is my second apple this week. I do not care for apples on a regular basis. Most fruit to me is too sweet tasting and I don't crave them. But these apples are good. Very light sweetness and super juicy. They are satisfying. And the egg, ugh gross.

Hopefully today I get some things done around the house. Start putting my house back together from this last week and get ready to enter back into society Thursday. 287#

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