New life for a Curb-side Club Chair

This rags to riches story starts with a lonely chair sitting in the rain. 

For weeks I had been driving past this seat on the side of the road, calling my name, "Sarah, I need help!" Waiting until it dried up a little, I decided to grab him. I placed it in my truck quickly as to not have anyone see that I was the one who picked up this dirty hitch hiker! I just love redoing the really gross ones, they always seem like bigger accomplishments. 

I get him home and poke him in the garage. This filth isn't allowed inside yet! Sitting in my garage for a few months to air out was a necessity, the dampness of the fabric was terrible. 

Now in my possession, I could get a closer look. From all appearances, I find that this was once a very beautiful chair. It has great solid bones and was covered in a luxurious red striped velvet! Wow, if It wasn't in such distress I probably would have loved to keep that fabric on him...but as these things go, it needed to be removed. The wood needed to be scrubbed, striped, sanded and stained. 

For the fabric, I have been in a real bluesy phase and wanted something equally unique to replace the bright red velvet. I came across this blue and gray ikat with a slight sheen to it. In love! So fun and incredibly different. 

 While tearing apart the chair I found a couple springs were sprung and the chair needed a little tlc. Putting it back together went smoothly and the revived finish of the wood looks so good! 

 I'm extremely happy this club chair is mine and it's a great addition to my living space!

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