I got the 'Rona.

I would't normally use this blog as a personal outlet, but I have been cooped up in my home for a 4 days now. I am quarantined until next Thursday.

Saturday: I got exposed at a small party, Time change happens this night. Spring ahead.

Sunday: I sleep all day. Time change kicks my butt. Also hungover.

Monday: I am home for work. I make a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes with a mustard cream sauce and arugula. My body seemed normal until that night I felt unexplainably different.

Tuesday: I went to work at the Floral Shop. I had a tiny headache that morning which lasted all day. Midday I got word from my friend from the other night that she has tested positive for Covid-19 I get paranoid but keep working.

Wednesday: I am home for work. I have the same head tingle. I now am worried enough to get tested at 3:15. It's positive. I have The Corona Virus. I am told to stay home until the next Thursday. 10 days from exposure. I only experience the tingle for the rest of the day. I made a Sushi bowl for dinner, trying to enjoy my favorite flavors from cooking before I lose my taste and smell, fingers were crossed.

Thursday: Woke with a small headache still. Not much changing. Stayed busy at home working on things for my business.

Friday: I feel the same. Tiny headache. I feel like my sinuses are filling or draining. My ears have pressure. Nothing hurts, but things are happening. I spent the day entering a contest online with Apartment Therapy. Its the "Small Cool Contest." I entered my home for a potential $1000- $4000. Why not. I made dinner, chicken legs with blackening seasoning and roasted veggies with garlic and oil. I don't think I could taste my meal fully. Fuck. I went into the bathroom and sprayed myself with perfume. I can't smell. I got pissed and took a gummy, without tasting it, which if you have ever eaten an edible, you can taste the marijuana fragrance. That high made me realize munching while buzzed is not fun when you can't taste. I decided to just go to bed. Depressed.

Saturday: Waking up fully aware of my loses, I've chosen to start what Im calling a "Sensory Diet." I normally eat very well. But portion control is the beast behind cooking good-food for me. I love to cook. So this hits me pretty hard today. My sister stops by, vaccinated, and asks if she can go grocery shopping for me. We talk through what this new diet will entail. I breakdown crying. Living alone, not seeing anyone for a handful of days and to now find out I won't find the same enjoyment from cooking for months possibly. Who knows how long the senses are messed up from this virus. Some may think its a ridiculous thing to cry over, but I look up at my giant spice rack on the wall and it makes me so upset. I am choosing to share these thoughts, and document the silly journey of eating with my other senses. I can feel and see and hear foods still. I will attempt to only eat foods that are appealing through sight and texture and temperature and crunch. It will be goofy I'm sure but I can't loose my favorite hobby of cooking or else these next few months will be the worst.

I felt hungry around 2:00. I decided to get out my leftovers of chicken and root veggies. The chicken is terrible. The texture is nothing with an occasional gristle from a tendon that totally grossed me out. I had to stop eating the chicken. I am enjoying the coolness of the soft veggies dipped into a homemade ranch I made the other day. I can't taste the dip, but it helps the mouthfeel of the cooked cold veggies. I can taste a tiny tiny bit of salt though. Not satisfied but I need to eat. 294#


Salads: Healthy Filler and Crunch

Rice Cake: Crunch like Styrofoam, Very Satisfying

Carrots: Crunch Factor, Color

Apples: Juicy Crunch

Broccoli: Tiny Trees, Toothy Bits, Color

Raspberry Sorbet: Beautiful Fuchsia Color, and Cold

Baby Peppers: Juicy Crunch, Color

Cottage Cheese: Cold and Squishy Bits

Red Cabbage: Crunch and Color

Rainbow Carrots: Crunch and Color

Peanut Butter: Smooth and Creamy

Mineral Water: Cold and Bubbles

Coffee and Tea: Warm

Cherry Tomatoes: Tiny Juicy Balls, Color

Red Potatoes: Soft Cooked, Crunch Raw

Shrimp: Protein, Snappy

Cod: Protein, Soft

Hamburger: Protein

Eggs: Boiled Protein, Soft Bite and Dry Yolk

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