The Ultimate Sofa

I just finished slaving away on my newly recovered couch! I've had this idea stuck in my head for years. I've dreamed of it in an emerald green color, navy blue, olive green even a dusty rose. All of these colors seemed gorgeous but maybe did not necessarily fit with the vision that I had for my space. Knowing that dust collects on a regular basis in my home, I decided to go with a lighter toned fabric so as to not appear dusty. Sometimes you have to choose practicality over what you desire. I started thinking about this project about a year ago, searching this whole time for a special couch. I knew I wanted it to have tufts and a more feminine style. But finding the right look was taking forever. Too old, too expensive, too far away!  I finally came upon one on one of those Facebook swap/sell pages that are local. I found one for $100 about 45 minutes away.

 It was the perfect shape to go with this chair that I had just completed upholstering.

 They have similar arm shapes and are both feminine in contour. I knew they would look great together. I came upon this shade of grey/taupe that could blend with the many colors of my space. The couch was in great condition. When tearing it apart, I noticed one of the legs was broken. 

That was an easy fix and other than that nothing was broken or destroyed in the inside. I was pretty lucky to find this quality of couch for only $100. 

After a few days of tackling the tufts, I finally finished with my project and now get to enjoy my super soft sofa. Xoxo

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